noel talking about how mickey’s love for ian has always been there i need a medic

noel is the nicest person in the world but he will passive aggressively drag u through the dirt if you ask shitty questions like “how’s it playing a gay person lawl”

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i just finished in the flesh alright ok ok ok alright alright ok but also what the fuck

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just gonna point out that the last time there was an ian/mickey sex scene, cameron instagrammed this have a good night

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where are you on in the flesh and how do you like it?!

oh my gosh i love it! i have to look away when the gore gets really graphic but besides that it’s so good and i just finished 2x03!

kieren :))) and :)) simon :))))))))))))

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if you reblog a photoset of mine and tag it with something like ‘#this is pretty’ just know that i love you probably

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