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@noel_fisher: Challenge accepted. #ALSIceBucketChallenge

so on that casting thing for Chicago it says there's a big pool scene. Do you think that's why cam, noel and emma were all in roes that day together?

there were spoilers before (I can’t remember where from) that hinted at a pool party so from there i had suspected that that’s why they were in robes so you may be correct! as much as I want an ian/mickey sex scene this season (and we better still get at least one), i/m in a pool together being cute is almost as good

i hope there are pictures of filming since it’s outdoors in Chicago so whatever it is we should find out in a week!

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"They’re not having sex in the kitchen or anything" why not though


mickey being comfortable with his boyfriend is so important to me

What’s been the most challenging arc for you to film on the show so far?
I think what we’re filming right now is definitely difficult in this fifth season. Watching, in many ways, not only an evolution of a character, but a descent. We’re watching him tear himself apart, to hopefully rebuild himself in a better way, but in the process he’s - without giving anything away - he’s kind of losing it. It’s been tricky to find ways to play it without pushing it over the top, so it’s not exploitative of mental illness. That’s something I’ve been talking to the writers about being conscientious of. [x]

he is actually married to Ian as far as where his commitment and his heart and his everything is at”

"they’re being very, you know, openly together”


sheila callaghan’s napkin says ian/mickey and “i wanna take care of you”

it’s been real friends