the last time they improv’d in a scene we got the head kiss in 4x11 feelin blessed

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It’s not the first time a boyfriend’s beaten the crap out of me, but it’s definitely the last.

kenyatta's back so that's gotta mean that mandy is back too right?!

i’d almost rather have mandy not come back this season than have her story lines center around kenyatta to be perfectly honest

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emma still has blonde hair this is nonsense

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The Gallaghers. #season5 #SHAMELESS

i now require mickey milkovich to wear a leather jacket in s5 sooooo

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Speaking of your father, how has your lack of a relationship with him informed your portrayal of Fiona, whose dad is a deadbeat? It initially made me want a relationship with my father more but I realized that’s not possible. He’s not interested in that. Whether or not I was ready to face that, I had to. I definitely have feelings of abandonment and self-protection over that, and Fiona does, too. Her feelings toward her mom are probably closer to my feelings toward my dad because her mom is MIA and my dad is MIA. We have that childish hope that somebody who doesn’t care about you suddenly will.

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